You are the captain of your own
electric airship…

Armed with water, fire, ice cannons, and
a couple of hanger Robots to help you on your way.

Can you learn to make it in this world of BLIMPS only to escape it?

BLIMPS is an open-world adventure RPG that puts you in the captain’s chair of
your own BLIMP cargo company.

“Indie Game of the Year!” -E.I.B.A

With a bit of perseverance, you might be the one to escape from this world of multiplying BLIMPS! So take to the skies and safely deliver cargo or try to pirate cargo from another BLIMP if you dare.

This rogue-lite puzzle game involves exploring, crafting, hacking, harvesting, smuggling, and racing to find the Moon Crystal.
Complete 77 tasks, and earn 11 passport stamps and 8 pilot wings along the way.

“…a well-oiled machine!” -Freddrock

BLIMPS also features unique sound fx and an instrumental soundtrack performed by the band Ashtronaut.

BLIMPS can be played on a tablet/finger/pencil or keyboard/mouse device.
In addition, it features partial gamepad controller support
(if you want to fly around the world of BLIMPS “twin-stick shooter style.”)

BLIMPS contains NO ads, in-app purchases, or in-game data collection.
Instead, it is just an old-school offline family-friendly computer game.
Rated E for Everyone.

Play Blimps for FREE!
The fully operational time-bomb limited PC/MAC demo versions

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0,Blimps [FULL version]

“We hope you enjoy the game. Thanks for playing!”
-Corinne & Ed
(co-creators of Blimps)

Hello World!

Welcome to Paint Can Games,

The first game I remember playing on a computer as a kid was Spacewar!

So I went about learning how to make that game, but with cookies instead of asteroids per Corinne’s request. So I hope you enjoy our debut game:


(A Retro Arcade Style Shooter PC/MAC Desktop Game)

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